goodbye lab and a pat on my back for my report..

Today was our last day for our Organic and BioChem Laboratory.
What a relief to know that I won't be smelling those awful fumes from those awful solutions, the heat in the lab, the skimpiness of the place (and did I mention, there's no chairs for us to sit on?..that could have damaged our legs..), all those complicated procedures which could send your hair burning in flames are no more!
The only thing we have to focus on is passing this subject with flying colors. Well, okay, some can't pass with that much colors but they could at least try couldn't they?
At the back of my mind, I'm gonna miss doing laboratory experiments because this is the only subject that I could actually feel like a 'scientist' you know? I like sounding smart and handling all those chemicals makes me feel like I know what I'm doing (which I really don't!). Also, each of us try to get dibs on who gets to have the easiest procedure first!
'Tis goodbye to thy laboratory. So long and goodnight! (I sound Shakesperean here!haha)
Aside from saying farewell to that, I had my report on the Iraya Mangyan, an indigenous tribe on the Mindoro Isalnd, during our Anthroplogy class. I wasn't doing all that bad really. I kind of talked a bit fast but that's nothing new to me. I always talk fast when I get nervous. I have no idea if my classmates even understood what I just said. Bla...bla...bla... I bet that's what all they heard. Oh well. A pat on the back for me anyways.
Pertaining to our presentation for BioChem Lecture this Saturday, we're already brainstorming and putting together all our idea and we've gathered some pretty silly stuff. I'll be typing the whole thing probably after we've presented just because...well, just because. Oh yeah, our group would be performing on Vitamins and Minerals.
Well, something kind of interesting happened. Classes were over. My friends and I had already boarded the bus and I was getting comfy on my seat and guess what our Nepalese classmate said to me? "Your report was good" And I said, "Thank you Amit".
That was interesting. My report? good? not very good? What's wrong with me! I shoud be more appreciative of things like that.
That's about it. Farewell lab, farewell report and hello for our presentation!

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