Three Cheers for Sweet Reunion!

This day was all so unexpected. We didn't plan a reunion to happen and that's the fact!
I came from Ayala to get the notes on Foundation of Nursing (FN) from Nicole. She told me to meet up at Ayala so I went. It was scary going there all alone but no one else would go with me so it was now or never. I was feeling all independent and stuff (haha!).
Any who, from Ayala I went to Emma's house to give her her photocopy of the notes. It wasn't all sunshine doing it too! There were a lot of sun and shine and I didn't even put on lotion which made it all worse (huhu). I got there and didn't stay long because I had to go to Ana's house (because I was such a good friend) I also gave her her notes on FN. I said to myself that I wouldn't stay long. I'll just give her the notes then walk away. It's not like her house is all contaminated and stuff, I just want to go home early to start writing on the notes which is 9-pages long! But Ana was all stubborn not letting me go home too early. She then called up Anndrew (yup, that's her on the right) to come by Ana's house. We thought she wouldn't come but we definitely thought wrong.
Finally, she arrives and we had a party. And by party I meant, eating banana cues, drinking RC Cola, watching Happy Feet, joking with baby Renz, playing with doggy Brandon and being chatter-boxes. It's been so long that the three of us came together. I was so happy to be with my BFFs. I know I sound all cheesy but I'm grateful to have funny accepting friends like them.
The whole time we were there, we were just laughing and talking and laughing some more. I couldn't ask for anything more. This moment in time was great!

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