Hello there, Ms. President.

Yey, today is the first day of school in my 2nd year of BSN at Cebu Doctor's University. Isn't this great? I'm now a sophomore! Oh yeah *does the old school dance*
I remembered the 1st day of school in my first year. I got lost in finding Ana's house because I dropped off too far off from their house. So I had to walk from Jollibee Highway to Ana's hose. It was early in the morning and it was friggin' hot. Maybe it was just me because I got all panicky maybe not finding Ana's house. I eventually did find their house and she wasn't even finish getting herself ready. I had time to recollect myself then we were off to school. One school year after that event, I'm growing more confident in myself.
Ok, so getting back to the 1st day of school as a sophomore.
I can't believe my classmates elected me President in class! Secretly, I've always wanted to have that position but I don't want it now because of all the responsibilities that I'll be having all loaded up on my shoulders. I'm scared that I'll be the one who gets all shouted at and blamed at. The blaming part is what I fear most. Lord, please help me.
Aside from all the electing stuff, I enjoyed seeing the new faces of arrogantoften shy freshmen. It made me think if they could even stand a semester here in this University. I feel all superior but I shouldn't be. I'm like an Ate to them and I should treat them like some fragile newcomers that they are.

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