sore as ever!

Today was all stressful and I was sweating a lot from nervousness because it's like my first official day of being class president. It wasn't all honky-dory and it never was.

Emma, Madz, Kathy and I had to run around from the 3rd floor to the ground floor just so we could inquire for the room that we are supposed to be in.

This is what happened:

After 1st period was our 2nd class on History and we had no room to stay in because our assigned room which was 327 wasn't and still isn't found anywhere. Our whole class looked like a bunch of elementary students having a field trip because we were following whoever had the idea to where the room is. After several sore feet later, all of us grew tired.
We gave up in finding that missing History classroom.
But that didn't stop us in moving on to our next two periods. It went all smooth. Thank goodness!

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