crushing on me?

My small simple mind is imagining too much or maybe I'm just over-analyzing stuff.
Ok, so I have an irregular classmate named Jason who I don't know... I can't bear blogging down the word 'has a crush on me'...well there, I typed that down for you! His friends introduced me to him kind of informally in a teasing way while I was asking for all the new classmates' names on a paper. His friend was like giving him funny looks and he was shy.
He doesn't even talk to me unless he only asks me a question about our next class topic. So there you have it!
I knew I was only over-analyzing stuff. Why would anyone like me?
Really? No one ever courted me in highschool so how much more when I'm already in college.
Dang it! I'm lowering down my self-esteem again. I need to fix this problem.
Only time will tell what could happen to my love life.

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