too tired from everything

I had to wake up early to go to Emma's house so that I could hitch a ride but we didn't leave her house as early as I thought it would be. I woke up too early for nothing? But still her company is always a pleasure to have.
We also had to attend skills training on Bag Technique and Urine Testing for Health Care. The whole time I was video recording the whole demonstration and I was writing at the same time! My hand and knee went numb the whole time I was holding my camera phone.
Kathy, Emma and I arrived on our classroom too early and we were pooped from all the walking and waiting! Classes in Microbiology finally began and it was fine. Sir Jacer (unsure of his name) was our professor and he's an eye candy waiting to be devoured.
After this, I went to SM to meet up with my mom, brother and sister to treat ourselves since there was a sale. I didn't get to buy the things I wanted because my energy went below the belt and there were too many people (duh! it's a sale!). We finally called it a day and went home.
My brother and sister got what they wanted and I have sore feet.

0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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