there's so much happening in a day..

I am trying to remember what happened yesterday since I wasn't able to blog what I did. In the very shortest possible way here are some key words to help me recall yesteday: midterm exams, school almost got burned, bought a new cell phone, attended Melvie's debut.
To begin let's start with Midterm Exams.
We had our exam yesterday for BioChem Lab. I almost got to school late because I had to go back home and retrieve my bring-home midterm exam for Anthropology which was due yesterday and it almost slipped off of my mind! By the time I got to class, I had time to review and everything went smoothly. I'm not trying to get too confident but I think I aced that test.
Moving on, the school almost got burned. Our very new school building almost got burned?yeah right! Well, that was what everyone was yelling about when they're running down the stairs and some of them are screaming at the top of their lungs. And where was I when all of that ruckuss happened? I was in the library with my friends. We were able to notice students rushing downstairs. The information spreading was that the trasformer broke and it caused the fire. We rushed directly to exit the library with lots of books on our hands. What a scene that was. But why wasn't I seeing smoke anywhere? I got the correct info later on and that was that the transformer did broke but it only caused a spark then a bit of smoke. Thank goodness it wasn't anything dangerous. Someone could have gotten third degree burns or something.
Classes were finally over! Nicole came with me to SM because I told her I would be meeting up with my mom. What she doesn't know was that my mom would be buying me my new phone, I was trying to keep it a secret from my friends that I would be buying a new phone because I just felt like surprising them. But the secret went kapootz! when Nicole got the idea. I didn't even have to tell her because my mom kept talking about the phone that I wanted. Nicole was excited for me and I was too! I could barely hold my excitement when I finally found the phone and the phone color that I preferred. And tada! My Nokia 5200 red was on my hands and I promised to myself that I'll take care of it coz if this phone gets damaged my parents would probably never EVER buy me another phone. I remembered last time that happened with my Nokia 7260. That was depressing.
Back to the happenings in my day yesterday..
After buying the phone, Mom and I decided to go home early because I still have a date with my friends at Melvie's debut which is at 6 in the evening. Nicole remained at SM because she had to meet up with Nikoli. We said our goodbyes and then we were off. We arrived home and it's already 5. I got an hour to prepare and to decide what to wear (which usually takes me a lifetime to do). Why didn't I plan all of this out before? I was like doing my hair and makeup and choosing an outfit in a fast forward motion, you know how that goes. I did all of that in an hour than I had to meet up with Milay and Baron, then it's off we go in Baron's car to Melvie's debut.
As what I had expected, the party started an hour and 30 minutes later. We were getting restless because we still haven't have a spot to sit but all of that kind of dispersed when more of the Original 4th Years eventually came to the event. I was actually happy to see them even the ones I never really got close to in highschool. We had so much fun talking about recent events in our lives, it seemed like we were drowning ourselves in our own voices during all those conversations.
The party began and it was formal indeed. There was the Welcome Speech, then the Treasures, the Roses and then the Candles. A bit of intermission number by the kids were given and then the eating finally commenced. The line was long but we just talked a lot more about our lives and the next thing we realized, there were lots of food right in front of us. Naturally, we dug in to the food and ate to our hearts' content.
We danced a bit but only a bit because some of us were too shy because we weren't born natural dancers you know!haha.. When it was time getting home, that's when I kind of felt happy because I was sitting in the backseat with two of my guy friends, Lorenz and Jessie. And I have the biggest crush on Jessie. I was sitting in between them and I kind of got close to him, then Milay said that she wanted to take picture of the three of us on the backseat so I flashed my cutest smile and only Jessie and I were in the shot. I really liked it but I don't know what Jessie thought about that, I really have no care in the world as long as we remain friends. I'm getting sentimental here.
I got home safe and sound and with a big smile on my face.

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