getting their hands on my phone!

I was excited to tell them that I have a new cellphone but I didn't want to tell them unless it's break time because they might get all giddy on me. Nicole didn't blurt out the secret known between us. Thank goodness, she's a good secret-keeper!
Break time already.
I told them. They got all excited. They got their hands on the phone. Asked me questions about it. They appreciated it. They still got their hands on my phone.
I wrote all of that in simple words because it seems a lot easier don't you think? I'm typing it all down in fast forward words.
I'm so happy that I got my phone. After weeks of waiting and researching I finally found what I wanted. I just hope the phone won't go berserk on me like last time! I can't bear it if that ever happened again.
But I shouldn't get this all through my head, I must still have that mind set of not being too materialistic. I shouldn't give in to the demons in this earthly world.
By the way, I'm a fiddler. I poke, scratch or whatever do to things with my hands until it gets broken or damaged. That's a simple way to put it really. I'm controlling my self, disciplining myself or whatever t takes not to get anything broken. I wouldn't want to have to pay the price.
So that's about it for today.
I have to go and devise a plan from getting their hands on my phone!
*does her evil laugh*
*choke* *choke*

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