and then there were three..then two..

Okay so today was exhausting with only Madz, Nicole and I remaining to stay for Anthropology class while Kathy, Emma and Marianne escapes to finish their project for the same subject..
here's how it all went down..
BioChem class...
We were having our exam, after taking me forever to answer all those chemical equation (hey, i was about to type chemical romance..haha!) I finally passed the test questions and sat back down. Everyone was done so Madm. Lamela gave us back the previous test question from the other day, and I got a very not-so-disappointing score, 50 out of 53! This actually has no relation to my title but hey, I just want to spread some good news here..haha!
So back to what I was talking about earlier.
We had an early break so we had 5 hours to kill until the next class comes which is Anthropology. We were bored then Emma and Kathy came to the realization that they haven't finished their project so they talked about skipping next class. I am the kind of person who persuades people NOT to skip classes and I was very good at it too! Both of them kind of pushed back their idea and continued reading the books on their hands (see, I told you I was good).
All was good when Kathy kind of got restless. She keeps throwing these hints about her unfinished project. Okay okay so I get the idea here. I was empathetic so I kind of agreed to letting her and Emma skip class. I don't want them to fail on their bring-home midterm exam so I just had to let them. Marianne wanted to go with them so I had no choice. No one else was stopping them so the three of us remaining found them a jeep then we killed the rest of those remaining hours. We joked, sang and imagined silly stuff, just doing anything for us to get to next class so that we could go home right after.
It was 1 oclock on my watch them we went to class just to find out that there's no classes but we were required to sit and listen on the forum for the running mayor of Cebu City, Mary Ann De Los Santos. We objected to that becuase Madz, Nicole and I weren't even 18 yet but Mdm. Dela Peña didn't want to hear anything from anyone except for the sound of our butts on our seats. Geez!
Then Nicole started getting all hysterical and kept saying "I should have gone with Kathy. I told you...we have no classes. I could have gone with Nikoli, Lucille! (that's her boyfriend)" I was annoyed for her saying all those stuff so I just kept my mouth shut, I mean who was I to know that there'd be no classes? And she's blaming it on me?! Geez again! Nicole walked away without a goodbye or a kiss for Madz and I. She was frustrated, I can tell.
To end this blog, Madz and I with the rest of my classmates remained for the forum. I kind of found it interesting. This was the first ever forum I've been on so I didn't know how these things go so I just stayed quiet the whole time while Madz had a lot to comment about what the mayor-wanna-be was saying.
And then there were two..

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