our Nepalese classmate

In Anthroplogy class, we just had this Nepalese classmate and he isn't all bad. His name is Amit Karki (i like saying his last name..i think of car keys when I say it!) I've never known any foreign classmates before and that's what makes me so interested in him during his report.
Poor little thing, he was nervous on his first try so our professor was the one who did his report for him (can you imagine that?professors are being good?haha!). As usual, our professor bored the wits out of me and eventually it was Amit's turn.
He isn't actually eye candy in my opinion but his accent is hilarious. He's shorter than me and has really thin lips, dark-skinned and seemed really nice. His accent is far from the Chinese accent that I expected of him, he was talking and I didn't understand him at first (was he using his native tongue?) but I eventually deciphered what he was saying. He was speaking English really well but his accent made it sound like he's eating his words, and he was talking so softly that my other classmates at the back had to move their seats towards him (which made his hands shake so hard).
He was reporting about Nepal (there was no relevance here in our subject, Anthropology). But I discovered a lot of new stuff about Nepal. It's actually a country between China and India (see I told you I deciphered it out) and its capital is Kathmandu (unsure about the spelling here). The whole class was interested in what he was saying which made him feel that he belonged. Then he talked about Big Brother (you know? the show??) and chicken curry (which made the class evem listened harder).
We applauded the dude and class was over!

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