my grades, my essay and our walk...

A lot of interesting things happened today.

First, I actually found the exam on BioChem Lab a piece of cake! Though I wished that I passed my paper first but I was too careful not to make a lot of mistakes. I mean from all the studying I did yesterday (just to make up from the previous quiz that I am so sure that I failed on), I can’t just let it all flush down the toilet during the exam will I?..Yup, I was careful and in the end I kind of submitted my paper last. That didn’t matter as long I know I was sure about my answers. Anyway, moving on to those interesting things that I was talking about…

Second, we got our midterm grades on BioChem Lec this morning. Emma laid eyes on my grade first because I asked her to get my paper for me, I was too busy washing the test tubes with my hands all foamy and bubbly. Then, I snatched it instantly from her and I got a 1.8! I was disappointed, but wait! (what the heck am I thinking?!) 1.8 isn’t all that bad. I need to be more grateful with what I have, and indeed I was happy with my score. Sadly, Nicole and the rest of my friends weren’t doing that well. I was a bit sad for them because I really don’t want them flunking this subject. I want us all to pass this with some flying colors, at least!

Third, we had to redo all what we did on our bring-home midterm exam on Anthropology. Mdm. Dela Peña said that we weren’t doing such a good job because she knows that we didn’t make our own essays (wow! How did she know that?). She said that if we didn’t redo it we’d get a failing grade (and I definitely don’t want a failing grade just when I thought Anthro would be a piece of cake!). So, we only got until this Saturday to submit it and for me to twirk my essay a bit, just a bit!

Fourth, since we were dismissed early in Anthro, the usual 2:30 was set to an earlier 2:00.
As usual, we would hurry down all those flight of stairs just to get to the bus first but to our disappointment (with a loud screeching halt!) the bus now has a strict schedule on its arrival and it would be 3:00. Oh come on, I want to go home early and they have to make me wait for an hour?.. So Emma suggested that she, Kathy and I would walk near Wireless just to find me a jeep and then they would be on their way too. I said that that was an awful idea (well, it’s not that awful really) because it was hot (even though the sky was cloudy) and that we were wearing heels (which I tell you hurts a lot). But then, I eventually gave in to the idea and then Nicole and Madz wanted to come with us because they were also in a hurry. Then I thought, wow this would be a great walk near Wireless. I mean, there was the five us very good friends with a great sense of humor with Emma’s umbrella on my hand and our bring-home midterm papers on the other hand. Thus, we began The Walk.

After 15 minutes of walking, I didn’t expect we would have such fun and we weren’t complaining that much on how our feet was sore and how the temperature is getting hotter even if the sun was covered with clouds and all those dust covering our face and how scared we were when we had to cross over to the other side of the street (those cars drive by so fast!). We had laughs, sang a lot of MCR and threw jokes at each other. It was a great bonding moment with just the five of us.

Didn’t I tell myself that I had an interesting day? It’s more than an interesting day, it was a great time.

I have to end this blog now, I’ve got to start on my midterm exam. I need to stir up some ideas on how to twirk this essay…hhmmm…

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