Beyonce - Mrs. Carter UK tour

I'm that girl who has admired Beyonce for so long and never had any money to go see her live because a. I live in a 3rd world country and b. my parents won't give me the funds for it.

But all of that has changed. Living and working full-time in the UK has its perks. I have finally lived a dream of mine. Seeing her live in all her glory has fulfilled the diva in me. The 3-hour train ride was nothing to me. Manchester is an amazing city to live in. It might not have as much castles than in Edinburgh but the place is just pulsing with character.

Mrs. Carter UK tour started at exactly 9pm and did not disappoint fans. There is a lot of details given to her production. Everything was flawless and the amount of outfit she wore was impressive. I had a seating ticket but I was standing the whole time from all the buzzing and adrenaline. She belted out all her big hits and the visuals to go with it was cleverly done.

She is one amazing performer. Full stop.

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roanjean said...

AAAHHHH!!!! Lucky you! I hope to fulfill my dream of seeing Beyonce in the flesh, too! Sigh, still a 3rd world country resident here, haha!

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