Beyonce - Mrs. Carter UK tour

I'm that girl who has admired Beyonce for so long and never had any money to go see her live because a. I live in a 3rd world country and b. my parents won't give me the funds for it.

But all of that has changed. Living and working full-time in the UK has its perks. I have finally lived a dream of mine. Seeing her live in all her glory has fulfilled the diva in me. The 3-hour train ride was nothing to me. Manchester is an amazing city to live in. It might not have as much castles than in Edinburgh but the place is just pulsing with character.

Mrs. Carter UK tour started at exactly 9pm and did not disappoint fans. There is a lot of details given to her production. Everything was flawless and the amount of outfit she wore was impressive. I had a seating ticket but I was standing the whole time from all the buzzing and adrenaline. She belted out all her big hits and the visuals to go with it was cleverly done.

She is one amazing performer. Full stop.


still into you

Sea Life Adventure in Blackpool was nice, a bit disappointing because I wanted to see jellyfishes. Oh well, sharks and piranhas still had me on my toes though. There was a variety of underwater creatures to see and it looks like that they've been well looked after. So whenever I saw a big crab, the whole time I was saying to myself "food".

I remember the last time I was on the beach was before I left for the UK. I miss it. And seeing all the summer beach getaways that my friends are having back home, makes me want to jump in a pool. But I shan't because that means I'm immersing myself in some sort of medieval tea brewing of humans. Shudder.


let's misbehave

He is my Han Solo. I am his Chewbacca or his Princess Leia, either way.


i think we're a contra

Finally on my holiday and what made it even better was a. the weather and b. my lover was with me in Blackpool. Our first time travelling away was surreal. It was nice to see him excited at the thought of walking along on the seaside. He was really nagging me to go watch the sunset with him, and so we did.

One of the most amazing bit was going to the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Resort. You should see him laughing hysterically at my screaming when we rode all the thrill rides. Getting soaked at the water ride ,called the Valhalla, didn't even bother me because it was a fun ride. The most exciting bit had to be The Big One or the Pepsi Max ride. They didn't open it until it was nearing closing time because the winds were so strong that morning. It is the biggest rollercoaster ride in the UK and to top it off, we were sitting right at the very front! When the carriage reached the 200 feet mark, that's when I let out the only remaining energy I have to shout profanities at no one in particular. Haha.

My body didn't fair well from all the excitement though. My neck and back hurt a lot from the rides at the end of the day. Now, I need to buy myself deep heat ointment.


restoration is key

Countless times I thought I should give up on this blog for a number of reasons. No time, no photos, nothing to say. Work has consumed me too much. I only seem to want to make money. My social life is only a flicker of light. I've hardly been on a holiday. I only have a loving boyfriend to look forward to on the weekends. This is why I came back. I want to be committed to my random ramblings and amateurish photography. But most of all, I would love to look back in my life in the form of writing and images and this is a great channel for it.

Let it all begin again.