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The only way I can truly express myself and not give a care in the world about what others think of me is by unlinking my blog with Facebook. I don't really want everyone to 'like' my post or put a comment under it. I don't mind where this blog goes, I want this to be my place of solace. Where my writing can be truly poured and my soul mildly freed from the rackets inside my mind.

I don't just want to talk about work or education. I want to talk about anything inside my head. It used to be easy until friends and family knew about this blog (because I let them) and now that this place has been quiet for the past months, I assume that they'll forget about this place. I don't want to get a new blog, I want this and only this. The thought pf revamping and transforming myself in the form of a new blog still lingers.though. But then again, I love what I already have too much.

Photos above displayed some roses given by a friend after having an immature fight about our clashing personalities.

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Izael Garrido said...

beautiful flowers

Rainy Martini said...

Ah, I really can't stand it when my relatives read my blog, too. We're in pretty much the same situation right now. I really hate the way they spy on my posts, checking whether or not I've been talking about them.

Very lovely photos, by the way. And I love the roses on your hair.

ANNIE said...

gorgeous photography.
and i agree with you; your blog should be YOUR space to do whatever in. look forward to seeing where you take your blog in this new direction!

Anonymous said...

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Jo said...

I understand how you are feeling coz I had to go through this stage at a moment too when my blog began to be uncovered by more and more people I know.

I wasn't comfortable with the publicity and contemplated moving or closing down my blog. Being sentimental, I decided to stay on since blogging has become a huge part of me, like an appendage from my soulful body.

I hope you manage to alter your mindset wherever applicable and accept that there would be people you know reading you.

I'm currently in the process of opening myself on the internet realm and enjoying the warmth in the blogging world. It really isn't too bad. I do avoid writing sensitive stuff about people I think might be reading my blog though.

Happy blogging!

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