edinburgh castle

After living for about a year in Edinburgh, I finally had the chance (well, more like a free pass) to the Edinburgh Castle. It's a historic landmark set in the centre of town. It is a beautiful landscape from afar with rich history that invigorated us once we stepped in.

Apparently, couples can get married in the small chapel inside the castle. We also got to see the crown jewels, which I never got to take a photo of because it was forbidden. There was also a war museum filled with commemorative plaques and memorabilias. There were death cellars, bad ass canons, huge royal fireplaces and eery paintings of royalties.

My hands grazing the old stoned walls sent shivers down my spine. Sometimes I would imagine myself in the middle of the war inside this castle. And then I realize, I'm surrounded with tourists just clicking away their shutters. Ehem.

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Rachael said...

I love Edinburgh Castle it's such an atmospheric place.

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