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The original plan was to go to Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park but the unexpected turnabout in the weather has caused the animals into hiding. Instead, the Stirling Castle was an awesome alternative for us to enjoy a day out. All in all, it was fun seeing the different areas in the castle and how people have lived in it. I imagine spirits lurking around the mossy hallways and damp tunnels more often actually. We also planned to go to St. Andrew's University but time was not in our favour. Oh well, there's more to come.

I borrowed my friend's 10-20mm lens and fell in love with it. This is just perfect to capture the landscape of the castle so perfectly. I also like how 'warped' a person looks when they are in the edge of the frame.

3 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

rah said...

Nice castle! Ang rich siguro ng history niyan, at ang dami na siguro noong nawitness na events. At pwede pa magshopping sa loob! Cool. :)

Rachael said...

I haven't been to Stirling since I was really little, but I remember running around outside the castle and totally loving it. St Andrew's is a must, the beach yet alone the town is gorgeous x

Sara Levy said...

You have to borrow that lens again :P Hope you had a great time, love your varsity jacket :P

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