fringe 2011

The month-long international festivity has ended and even if I didn't go to that much shows, the streets were just as interesting to be in. All the shops, art, acts and people give so much life to the place, it would be a sin to just stay in my flat if I have a day off from work.

5 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

Lena said...

Lovely pictures!

Wella said...

Nice photos Ching.:)

Karla said...

Great pictures! The streets really do look interesting. The Amy Winehouse painting looks good. :)

amanda archambault said...

I love going to festivals. Great people watching and photography opportunities lol
Love the post! Thanks for sharing

xoxo, Amanda Archambault

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Marinka said...

Great post. It looks like you enjoyed this month a lot.

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