louder than God's revolver and twice as shiny

Screenshots of My Chemical Romance's Art is the Weapon Official trailer:

I am getting diarrhea from all the excitement. All I ever do know is thinking about buying colored rayguns and cool jackets. I can't believe my Saturday is so awesome. It's like an awesome advance birthday gift that my boys have given me.

Yes, I've been playing the video non-stop. I'm going on relapse.


23 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

Lara Woodbine said...

Haha I love My chemical romance :)
This has to be one of there best songs yet! :D

Lucia Del Pasqua said...


Madison's Assortment said...

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Viki said...

love your analogue nikon from the previous post! Is incredible!


Lee Oliveira said...

very colourful this post.
good photos

Courtney Erin said...

I'm so excited for their new album!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Bridget said...

hahahaha diarhhea from the excitement. you're funny.

Daiane said...

yes! very exciting indeed! have an equally amazing Sunday dear!


P.S. You have such a funny writing! ;)

Flashes of Style said...

Haha I used to love them I didnt know they still played music

Mumbles said...

I love these pictures
they're great
everything is so colorful
I want to see the video


Yasmine said...

awesome pictures!


Ali said...

Those are such neat snapshots. :)

April Ann said...

Sheesh! Love it! May I grab the screenshot of Gerard Way? Oh please.. (Well I already did lol) We've waited long enough for this new track. I hope they'd release the album soon. I miss them so much.

Thrive on Novelty said...

Great pics, the last one is my fave xx

Fashion Profiles said...

WAH!!! Im not a big fan of My Chemical Romance but their songs just keeps on playing in my head... I am sure that this will be a big hit... Especially after seeing the polka dotted leggings! HOT! =)

cathy. said...

Looks really cool!


Violetta E. said...

so cool post :)

Mademoiselle Marie said...

the pics are axesome! love the colors



Adeline said...

<33 Love the new mcr.It is all so..comic book-ish :D

I wonder who the new drummer is.

Adeline said...

Oh,you have no idea how much i love/missed them :D
And i just saw the tour dates ;DDD
Sadly,they are faaaar,faaaaar away from me ;(
But i promised myself i'll see them before i die
I have to ;D
Have you seen them live?

Adeline said...

http://whothefuckis-adeline.blogspot.com/p/random.html here
i don't really use twitter anymore,but you can follow me ;D
(i use facebook these days)

i actually haven't listened to mcr in a looooong time,and also,the forum was prety quiet for a couple of years.(no,i'm not a member..i just stalk around :)) )

haven't seen them live,YET.but i just have to one day.even if i have to sell my organs :)) i have to see them live.
they changed my whole life(well,they opened my eyes and made me realise that it is ok to be just a bit weird)

Adeline said...

i found a better quality thignige:
ogmfgo i'm so exidfetre
i cant spellll
i'll come back later.. when my hadns arnt shakinggg

*i feel like a fangirl,sorry* ;D

Adeline said...

ok,so actually.that song is fucking awesome :D
i waited soooo looong for them to make their comeback
and it's finally here
my ears are ringing
and my hands are still shaking ;D
ohh and i saw you tweeting "everybody want to change the world.." and i was like "what is she talkinggggggg about???!!?!?"
am i missing something..
anyway,this song is amazing <333
now i can't wait for the new album ;D

ooh i also got the song from the trailer as my alarm :))
it feels great when i wake up with dr. deathdefying saying "look alive sunshine.." :D

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