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I was taught poker about a year ago by Julien while we were at her house doing our past research project. *good times*
Now that we went over to her house to celebrate her 21st birthday (it's not your sweet 16 dear..haha but still Happy birthday!),  a bunch of them played poker while I cheered from the side and is trying so much to comprehend the awesomeness that they say this game entails. So they weren't using real money but that's not a problem, fake chips still suffice.

After about 5 games I only soaked up the words-- flush, bluff, dealer, fold, call. So much for comprehending. I know in time, I'll be the poker player that I deem I will be.

Thanks for a splendid birthday party Julz. I'll be getting my glassware next time I'm coming over. :D

2 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

ambiguous_angel said...

hmm. Im not fond of poker, its too complicated for me..
so i guess, yippee you:)
Happy birthday to your friend:)

Fardila Metavia said...

hi i'm dila :) already followed your blog heheh would you like to follow mine also? 8D
i was wondering why couldn't i post a single comment on your tagboard, that's why I ended up put down my comment here.
That is all, have a good day! <3

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