my life is lonely

"My life is lonely" About 26 weeks ago.

That's what she wrote on the status of her yahoo!mail. I was opening her account because I wanted to check a previous mail that I encountered (I know it's wrong, but she's used to me opening it) but when I saw that status in her account I was crushed.

A lot of questions popped out. What happened 26 weeks ago? Did I do something wrong? Is she unhappy? Are we growing far apart? Does she still feel the same way?...Why?

Technically, 26 weeks ago meant it was around the last week of January. I wonder what happened. I keep slapping my head to recall anything important or unimportant that might have triggered such emotions. I feel so bad coz I know I could have done something to have not let it happened.

This is why I am doing everything in my power to be with her, talk to her, open up to her more. Simply giving my time for her.

(a scene from the movie, Where The Wild Things Are, a very touching film.)

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Rah said...

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