the turtle laugh

One day, there was a lion who called for a meeting with the animals. He said, “Each of you will tell a joke. But everyone must laugh or I’ll eat the one who told the joke.”

The monkey, who knew he was very funny, went up first and told his joke. When he reached the punchline, everyone cracked up. Everyone that is, except one animal: The turtle. He didn’t laugh.

The lion shook his head. He pounced on the monkey and ate him in one gulp. All the animals gasped. The lion called out, “Next!”

The parrot believed he was really funny so he stepped in front and told his joke. When he reached his punchline, all the animals laughed. Except the turtle!
And to everyone’s horror, the lion gobbled up the parrot.

All the animals were angry at the turtle! But they couldn’t say anything in front of the lion.
“Next!” the lion said.

The giraffe stepped up, trembling. He started telling his joke when the turtle began to laugh really hard!
The animals looked at him wondering what he was doing.

The lion asked the turtle, “What’s wrong with you? Giraffe hasn’t reached his punchline yet!”
The turtle said, “Haha! I can’t help it. The monkey’s joke was sooooo funny!”

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Eye said...

hahahaha!!!! Thats goood!!!!
Too late, for pitty :) :) :) :)

elys15 said...

Bo Sanchez has all the interesting and inspiring stories :D 4 years in high school made me love his magazine Kerygma :]

ceedee said...

hahaha. this one's funny!

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

hana talita said...

lol lol :D
that's one SLOW turtle

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