Mesomorphs are naturally muscular, has a trim waist and can easily lose and gain fat and muscle weight.
Ectomorphs are the thin type. *cough*
Endomorphs are the fat type.

I am particularly at awe with the mesomorphs. Their finely defined muscles are a glory to look at. Makes you wanna junk away all the bad eating habits and lack of physical activity. My regular routine of yoga and jogging has its benefits but I still want more. It's funny coz I bring a 1.5L of bottled water everywhere I go, I even named her Mrs. Jenkins coz we're tight. lol
You know how heavy it is to bring her around? Not until I drink her up will gravity stop teasing me. Anywho, back to mesomorphs. Aside from the very awesome Madonna, I have other perfect fine female examples:

Ladies and gentleman, the hotness that is Megan Fox.

The music fitness guru that is Gwen Stefani.

And the creme dela creme, Ms.Marissa Miller (Victoria Secret Model). I was super hyped when she was the lead model during the VS Fashion Show of 2009.

Some more Victoria Secret for you. This one is specially directed by Michael Bay, yes that Transformer's director. haha

Now what body type are you?

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Paola ♥ said...

I'm not really an Endomorph, (but I'm quite chubby and have a big tummy.. haha) I'm not an ectomorph either, and I'm definitely not a mesomorph. LOL. Ka-inggit na katawan naman yan! :))

dyane said...

i dnt know why but girls with abs dont attract me. it just looks... wrong. lol. just my opinion though. :)

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