Diane Birch FTW!

My twitter gets way more action than my facebook. So as a good solid music lover, my twitter friends have suggested that I should listen to Diane Birch.

01. Fire Escape
02. Valentino
03. Fools lyrics
04. Nothing But A Miracle
05. Rewind
06. Rise Up
07. Photograph
08. Don't Wait Up
09. Mirror Mirror
10. Ariel
11. Choo Choo
12. Forgiveness
13. Magic View 

Diane Birche's Bible Belt delivers a wave of good mood and her solid beautiful voice encompasses the whole package. I am so impressed with her musical style. I can't even classify which genre her music belongs to. :D
'Valentino' keeps my smile going from ear to ear. Okay so there might be a hint of sadness in some tracks but that's what music is all about, emotions. 'Fire Escape' gives me the chills. Her lyrics are very well-structured and strikes straight to the heart. It would be selfish of me as a fan if her music isn't recognized.  I don't want her to go mainstream but then again her talent has to be known. 
Favorite: to pick only one favorite is an insult to her whole album.

My friends don't know who she is nor have they heard her music. I was so ecstatic when I followed her on twitter and she followed back. She keeps it down to earth with her fans. Nice!

Diane Birch is definitely a diamond in the rough.

3 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

Joyce said...

It's my first time to hear about her. I'll try to listen to her songs. Oh wow, she followed you back. :D In my case, ron pope tweeted me yesterday. But he's not that popular. :)

Sendo said...

thanks to you...she's fantastic...ganda ng video niya na valentino...galing..dito ko siya nadiskubre hehe

chingching said...

@joyce: uhhh who's ron pope?teehee

@sendo: aw thanks. expect more soon-to-rise music review here. :D

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