rockstar is 33.

What perfect timing! It's a holiday here and now it's time to...
celebrate my favorite rockstar's 33rd birthday (which I do every year), I'm preparing cookies and yogurt in my room while I air guitar and high kick to their songs. Don't ask, that's all I could afford. xp

Here's a look back on what I did during his birthday:
Last year's post.
Last last year's post.

I have to say, it's still burning. My admiration for him, that is. I'm impressed I've gone this long. Time has tested me and blessed me. And so is he. I'm too excited for their new album so to divert all this adrenaline here are some list of Gerard Way parody facts.

• Remember The Ultimate Warrior? He quit wrestling because Gerard Way wanted his nickname back
• Gerard Way invented Starbucks so he can have a cup of coffee every time he crosses the street
• Gerard Way’s last name inspired the noun
• Apple pays Gerard Way 99 cents every time he listens to a song
• Gerard Way can slam a revolving door
• The first syllable of Jesus’ name is a cleverly disguised tribute to Gerard Way’s nickname
• God gave Moses 10 Commandments. Gerard Way gave God 20
• Gerard Way does not try to look like he is a corpse. Corpses try to look like Gerard Way
• There is no theory of evolution. Only a list of animals Gerard Way allowed to live
• Gerard Way can divide by zero

Credits to him.

Now here ye maties! Set your eyes on my beloved in a magazine of May 2010.

and the creme dela creme...

Don't make me run my fingers through your ruffled hair! :D:D

watched TBPID and basked in all their gloriness.

see as he blows me a kiss.lol

oh and #HappyBdayGerardWay is on TT today! yesss!!!

much love from the Philippines. <3

3 ₪ ø lll ·o.:

モイラ said...

whoa :O you like rock song? ;D

Abzie said...

^o^ Yay. I was looking forwards to his birthday! Hahaha! >o< ...He's getting older and older! XD

Oh and there isn't really a real objective to the game. :3 You just have to look after your town. :D


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i remember when his ban was very popular!

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