kudos to me.

This is the day I can share with my grandchildren in the future.
My Graduation Day.

Lining up during the processionals was the tensing part coz when I walk through those doors, the bright lights meet you and I try to resist every inch in me not to trip over the carpet. I breathed in, walk that walk and survived. I try not to smile too big coz my gums might show.lol But the feeling is ... everything that you could encompass in the word 'happiness'.

Shaking Daddy L's hands when I got that diploma is everything I hoped it would be. Fulfilling.

Getting pinned by Dr. Dean and advising me to study hard is also everything I hoped it would be. Wonderful.
Staying still for that one of a kind class picture with Daddy Adviser is majestic.
Smiling big for every camera you see is a tough job but the memory it captures will be there. (in Facebook, tehee)
The Nurse's Notes were angels. I closed my eyes to absorb the music. They did 3 songs, a tribute to the Dean, to the students and then to the parents. How entrancing.
Many applauds for the awardees.
In all honesty, I slept in between some of the ceremonies because it was taking too long. It isn't easy handing out 900+ diplomas to 900+ graduates.

So hats off to the TAU 2nd Generation Class of 2010. We deserved this!

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Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

congrats!!! hope you have a nice sunday! xoxo

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

your so lucky to be graduating, I wish I was!


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