DA pulls a joke

I go to DeviantArt daily to get me some dose of new incredible arts and photography. I was innocently commenting and favoriting new art when, i noticed on my profile and on my avatar that it started displaying about Team Jacob and that "real men don't sparkle" (it's in gif. format) WHAT IN THE WOORLLDDD??? I don't join in on those kind of teams. It's too fangirl-y for me anyway.

I just woke up and didn't realize later in the evening that today was April Fool's Day. ppft!

And oh, YouTube has a new layout lately. I'm liking it, so I've been commenting on loads of movie trailers lately.
I didn't pull jokes on anyone at all. I just wait for people to do so on me. Apparently, it's all safe and clear.


I noticed everyone else's are pranked too. I wouldn't have mind Team Gaga.
I hope this goes away now. It's getting irritating.

8 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

nice : ) said...

me too, i didn't pull jokes on anyone..hehe..no one pulled a joke on me neither..haha.. :)) it's good that you did some worthwhile things on the net.. :D

rich said...

LoL That one's funny! XD I didn't pull any jokes this year. Can't think of any eh. XD

vamos angie said...

Hi....Thanks for visiting my blog.... I have followed you :)

Felicia said...

me too! :)) I was really surprised and I remember about the fools day..all right deviant wants to play April fools lol

tomato cafe said...

four of my very few married friends on facebook changed their relationship status to single for an april fools joke. but yeah, i think team jacob is a hell lot worse. haha.

chingching said...

@tomatocafe: IKR? ppffft. Team Jacob.. oh come on! XD

Sendzki said...

nabiktima rin ako kahapon..nakalimutan kong mambiktima kasi di ko na napansin ang APRIL 1 haha

HenRy LeE ® said...

LOL... welcome to team jacob! hope u enjoy there :p

The CleverMunkey

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