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March 29, 2010- Our section, together with I, K and L had our recollection at Holy Family Retreat House at Lahug. We get to do this since we're graduating students, and by graduating means we get to have a fresh start but before we do that, we have to recollect and forgive.

Weird though, 90% were all lectures, not that lectures aren't bad, but I thought there would be something fun to do while we were doing this. There were people who shared though, only bits, not enough to keep us reflecting what our 4 years in college had meant to us.

Most of the time I was doodling (and listening). Being in my silent artsy mode was my only time I could reflect and draw out some kick-arse caricatures of my friends. Anywho, it was a really bland event except for the confessions. It has been a while, so I had to do it.

This is perfect timing since Holy Week is starting. Time for a clean slate.

Check out the bangle Nicole got me. It's Archie comics!

Emma and Kathy got some serious Veronica in their bangles.

Pictures at the recollection while we're at it:

3 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

Rah said...

nakakagutom naman tong entry na to. :D

gabriela said...

cute bangles <3 :D

Joshua said...

hmm cute bangles:)

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