Handuraw raw raw raw a a a!

March 29, 2010- For my first time at Handuraw Pizza, Lahug, it left an epic unforgettable memory.

Other than they had us mistaken for a group of people who were supposed to have a seminar in the VIP room, we were there alright. We were laughing, singing birthday songs, ordered food and then a whiplash!. The employee wanted us to move out of the room and transfer to another table. And get this, we were already chowing down in our pizzas when they broke that news to us. I coudn't believe it. Even before we went inside, we kept asking the employer if the room was reserved under our friend's name, and she kept nodding yes. So there we were, our drinks in hand to move out of the room and transfer, like a sad song, we were pissed. How could they not get it right? How could they not ask for the name properly? We were also wondering why there were way too many plates in the room too. Pffft so much for a great first time at Handuraw.

But we didn't that little mishap rain on our parade. We continued to celebrate, after all it was Nicole's post 20th birthday dinner. Nice thing the good food drowned out the "earlier event". We had 5 pizzas, spaghetti, carbonara, chips, mojos and softdrinks all around.

This was my kind of place! It had pasta, good laid back music, dark lighting and good friends. We laughed, photographed and ate to our heart's content.

(that was the room, but what the heck!)

I'm really glad that everyone's circle of friends are expanding. It's about letting other in and not shutting other out. 

Thank you Nicole for the treat! More love and blessings from God. *hugs

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