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I told you I was on a race against time. That's how much I am serious with movies and the food and drinks that goes along with it.

Nominated for: Best Actress

I never knew of Julia Child until I saw this. Both of then are remarkable. Streep is more so! Lovely how someone is influenced by cooking and food. Adams is such a sweet girl who I can't believe made through that one whole year! And oh, I really wanted to suggest Julie that she put a photo of her cooking in her blog. It just makes it more succulent that way.

Nominated for: Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

Whoa. Peter Jackson directed this? This was nice. Yet dragging. How the young girl narrated through the whole story was vapid. The story was full of flavor but it just dragged on.
 Nominated for: Best Motion Picture of the Year, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Achievement in Directing

10Milllion flying miles? That's A LOT! I can't even stand being on an airport. Anywho, I never thought of this movie as heartbreaking but it is. He found company, lost it but gained a young friend who he also lost in the process. Then again, he does fly solo. Get it? Get it? There's a breathtaking view of the United States. Beautifully captured and skillfully laid out on screen.



Nominated for: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Motion Picture of the Year

This got me weeping for the first 30 minutes of the movie. I don't know where to even begin. I was moved. I was touched. I was inspired. I was a crybaby. This is such an eye opener: to realize talent and the goodness of heart of a person you barely knew and taking the big jump by adopting the kid (Big Mike). I say, Sandra Bullock's character is strong and persuasive. She is so nice to open up her home for the kid. Big Mike is the sweetest teddy bear you could find and with the sweetest heart. The ending gave me the goosebumps. It showed clips of the actual family and the actual Big Mike. What a close knit family they are indeed. Such a gripping story.

Nominated for: Best Motion Picture of the Year, Best Actress, Best Screenplay

This is a beautiful story. Didn't her mother tell her not to talk to strangers? Or go out with an older man? As she is forced to decide on her future or to be with the man she loves, she  chose to go for the latter but with a very shaky foundation for a relationship. There is a wonderful scenic view of Paris, a wonderful lifestyle shown so that's why an education is not important for her because life itself is her own professor. Her parents were determined to give her an education that no one else could have had, but she threw it all away for a very charismatic older man who has showed her the ropes in life. I really like everything about this movie. It has Paris in it for one, and all the bountiful blend of love, life and an education. If you noticed the transformation she made in the movie, then you can't possibly miss it! I can't even tell that she was a high school girl anymore.


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Sarah said...

Thanks for share dear!
I haven't watch The Blind Side and An Education. They're on my top list now :D

chingching said...

@srah: no problemo. glad to share :D

Life Moto said...

i like the sandra, and cloney movies. great story lines.

chingching said...

@life moto: u bet! it shoots straight to the heart.

kha said...

sis are this all good movies? I haven't seen them yet but they were on my movie marathon lists..

chingching said...

@kha: they are really really good ones. very moving films jud.

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