can you pull that off?

2NE1's Try To Follow Me music video released March 11, 2010.

hot damn there's way too much going on!
too much colors, too much flashiness.. *gasp* .. and the motorcycle even Ghost Rider won't want to be caught in!

i like the fashion. well some of it though.

7 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

rheasanchez said...


i agree. definitely TOO MUCH going on there. they are...either trying too hard to be uniquely original (to the point of desperation). OR. they're trying to make multiple (& very poor) fashion statements in one shot.

so, again...wow.

rheasanchez said...

i have to admit though, some of their outfits really are cute.

it all just looks too...exaggerated, using them all in a single video.

chingching said...

@rhea: the only outfit i adored was the candy colored military jacket. ahaha

Kaitee said...

Gotta love 2ne1! They are not like other K-pop groups who are pa-cute and stuff.

chingching said...

@kaitee: true. they are one tough cookies.

elys15 said...

lol a little touch of lady gaga x 4 + in korean style xD cute au sila sa baggy hippie outfit sa last xD

chingching said...

@tep: the baggy outfit was nice eh?

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