addiction 101: Plants Vs. Zombies

The simplest of games can lasso you right in and mine takes in the shape of Plants Vs. Zombies.

I mean come on Plants Vs. Zombies doesn't actually require much thinking other than the occassional "Where do I place my sunflower?". This is an addiction I tell you! And because of a healthy addiction such as this one I've completed all adventures, mini games, puzzles, survivals within a week.

Okay so I've finished everything surely this addiction will go away... Hmmmm. No. Not yet I guess. That image you see there is a mini game called Vase Breaker. The point is to break all the vases and not let the zombies get in the house. And now I'm obsessesed with leaving the longest streak *cough 18 *cough. Haha. Lame of me. I know.

Here's a screenshot of all the plants to be used in battle:

 All very useful in its own way.

Here's a another one of all the zombies to be unleashed during battle:

Devious little critters.


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