sunny side up-sy!

Paolo Nutini's Sunny Side Up [2009]. His sophomore album is folk-y exquisite!

Paolo Nutini:Sunny Side Up Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm learning to love his music genre. It's off the track from what I'm usually hearing in the radios.
And as for his voice? Most of the time, if you look past his old man's voice, you'll learn to appreciate it as well.

01 Ten Out Of Ten
02 Coming Up Easy
-i imagine myself strolling down the street and looking cool.

03 Growing Up Beside You
04 Candy
-Oh wooow. Wonderful.

05 Tricks Of The Trade
06 Pencil Full Of Lead
-Ahaha. I can imagine myself swingin' to this song.

07 No Other Way
-Such a romantic song!

08 High Hopes
-His voice range here is flawless.

09 Chamber Music
-so soothing.

10 Simple Things
11 Worried Man
-it takes a worried man to sing a worried song! now that's just eerie..

12 Keep Rolling
-Another wow! and by wow! i mean amazingly good.


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