happy birthday to... ME!

its the big 2-0.
After learning of the stages of physical and psychosocial development in college, i've finally landed on the young adult category. I don't see what the big deal is about getting a year older. I like how I'm gonna grow better, wiser and stronger.

so for today, the big plan was BIRTHDAY BASH at Karancho, Lapu-lapu.


- waterballoon games do not leave u dry after

- we were our own Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Beyonce or Katy Perry..lol

- food, food and then there's the baked mac..ahaha

- darn them and thee ambush water dive.. if they didn't have the muscles I could have wiggled my way out of there

- suck and blow card game

- music video with eva and kristian

- swimming on the semi-high tide sea with no grace what so ever

- have never taken off those sunglasses the whole time..kinda.

- ikog ikog game almost lost a shoulder with this game

- GPS (tasted!)

- the dude in the orange shirt is cute! lol and when we looked closer, he wasn't anymore. it was the beer goggles talking :D

-when i got home i found this.
so much love from the family too! XD


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woahslyn said...

happy birthday ching!

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