childhood proofs

proofs that you enjoyed your childhood- Philippine Style!

1. Nagba-bye sa eroplano ug helicopter na nilabay

I remember doing this. I point at it, look amazed at how far it has gone to then wave bye bye. Up to this day the habit still lingers.

2. Nagdula ug chinese garter with the golden rule "dead mother, dead all, walay tubsanay"

I remember playing chinese garter, ahaha, even doing cartwheels while I'm at it. But I can't recall that line. Maybe we used some other line.

3. Nagdula ug langit, lupa, PS-PS, pogs, tex, bangka na papel, dampa

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. I remember my pogs character was a hairy looking character from a Coke can; I had loads of that at home. And the PS-PS game was fun. Langit, lupa, impyerno was pretty easy if my legs weren't shorter than my arms. lol

4. Nagbalay balay

Did this with my sister. We grabbed all the sheets we can and tent it over our parent's bed. We even had furnitures transferred in, if you call mirrors and whole bunch of combs furnitures! :D

5. Nakig sumbag or kumutay ug buhok sa kaaway, dayon isog na mo tindog dayon mu kanta ug "Nyenyenyenye, wla man say sakit!"

My brother was my victim and I was his. He had the advantage coz I had longer hair while his short boy cut hair frustrated me when I wasn't able to grab hold of any of it. grrrr


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tricia's coffee said...

haha. I think it's "dead mother, dead baby" hahaahahaha

we used to play that when I was younger.. *grins*

and the airplane thingy, I'm guilty about that. xD

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