a 3D first: Up

They were not kidding when they say that 3D does make the movie pop out and come to life.. like that snowflake falling on my lap or that swishing whip coming right at my face. So it was a pain in the pocket and a tinge of giddiness when i knew we were gonna watch Up in 3D at SM Cinema 3.

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Okay so that's not what SM Cinema looks like nor does the 3D shades are in that perspective. Ahaha.

ok so this is what ours would look like

Anywho, Up was awesome. Started the tearworks pretty early. Darn it Disney! ahaha. Looks like old people does have some adventure tricks up their stained old sleeves.. or collars. Love the scenery, colors and plot itself. "Thank you for the adventure. Now go have a new one -Ellie (Mr. Fredrickson's wife)". And oh that Doberman dog with the squeaky voice gave me laughter pains. And Doug (the dog) was cute. :D

I was incredibly short up my money that moment so Jer chipped in to buy me a blouse, coz yes I was still wearing my school uniform (which is a NO when going in movie theaters) and jaky treated us with free snazzy slippers and oh the 3D movie itself. Actually we already bought tickets for the 2D Up but then we were talking about 3D and they were suddenly leaning on it and changed the tickets for the latter instead. woohoo! Hooray to being spontaneous. Maybe we were too spontaneous for the fact that Julien kinda got irritated why we didn't invite her. For the only reason that, we never really expected the movie plan to happen.



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elys15 said...

cool! we have 3D nah??? in SM??? o_o nice siya??? xD me curious... hmmm *w*

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