Watched Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince premiering here in Cebu.

Harry Potter: The Half-Blood Prince Pictures, Images and Photos

It has bits of cuteness and giddiness in the first hour of the movie. I mean come on about 4 different couplings were involved here. Cute right? About time they served me some love-dovey moments other than Harry's Asian crush. No offense dear.

Now the next hour offers a tad darkness (which is common). Oh Snape... Oh Malfoy... Oh Bellatrix... *sighs*

In my opinion, the ending was depressing for the fact that Dumbledore died (which I know would happen coz I read the book) and for the other friggin' fact that the movie did not include THE WHITE TOMB chapter which was all I've been looking forward for. At least when Albus dies he gets to have something fancy in the movie, but sadly no sight of a tomb was there in the wizard world. Hmmm.. may be in the next one?

Better be.


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