Since I haven't been kind to blog lately, I guess I'll return the love by updating this scene with my life:

a. hospital duty
-CDUH ICU is really intense. I'm not talking about the per 15 minute vital signs. I'm referring to what's in between in it. I bore myself out there. I get t do the most simplest of jobs, which yes, bores me.
-CDUH SPA was fun. We walked around the hospital a lot and got to see the big radioactive toys for the big radtech boys. We get to ride the elevator a lot too. Some times we would ride in one with Dr. B and Dr. R in it! ahaha. We would melt when we get off it.
-CDUH HEMO was like a massage area with the reclining chairs minus the manicures and pedicures that would often go along with it.

This is our very last week. Kinda sad that SG would have a break for a moment. Awww memories.

b. school elections

Did I mention I'm running for 4th yr rep again this school year? Well I am and I still have 60 flyers that I haven't gave away for indolence has struck me. I don't blame it. When campaign season is over, my indolence will be too.

with the ELITE party. Don't bother looking for my mug shot there, ahaha. I was busy duty-ing somewhere else when that happened.

c. overnight

Celebrated Cathy T.'s bday last night at Hilton, Lapu-lapu. I had no idea we'd be a huge group plus a c.i. No biggie. The more the merrier I always say. When I got there, I just had to talk to Kathy coz I just have so much to say in so little time. Within that little time frame, people would be shrieking from a game that they're excitedly playing. I would pause for a moment to catch my breath and pity my ear drums in a heartbeat. My vocal chords were a pity right after. I think I haven't told her all that I wanted to tell her since the shrieking cam again and it was really late at night.

Nicole and I talked for a totality of 5 minutes because she was too star struck about being with Sir Y as well as the rest of the gang, i think. Weird.

Mura man sad xad daw na lain nakow. Okkkkaayyyy, just because i missed out on Track & Field with her doesn't mean she has to find some way to find some more wrongs in me!

*mental note: always have your YM archived saved! it would be nice to put up the conversation here a bit... but then again, some things are best kept private.

Oh oh oh, in the morning we had photoshoots after photoshoots. Credits to Rhea and Faye for their awesome SLR cameras. The rest of us had digi cams to quench our vain-ness.

We better wait for the "better" ones.

d. jeep rides

I was never really told not to talk to strangers. TV told me that. Well in my case, some stranger talked to me after a humiliating "towering nap" on the ride from duty. She was a nice woman who is a nurse in Italy. She told me about Pope John Paul II, having met him, learning Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and German, went to school at Ateneo, lived in Michigan, getting married and all her jazz. I was mostly in flutter when I listened to her and her accomplishments. Oh just wow!

"Study well" as verbalized by Mam Stranger.


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