masters' night

Finally a way to end a summer, especially if it's with the masters. It's nice to know all of us made an effort to really wanna see each other. I miss us.

Pictures say a thousand words:

-we won the who-can-put-up-their-tent-first contest
-milay and i started the fire 2 hours after we wanted to start a fire for grilling.
-ahaha. the pork we grilled had sand.
-both of us grilled with helps from jessie. and no help from val and lao2. ahaha
-went swimming with milay, then lao2 and val started to show up, telling ghost stories. we ran to the shores in an heartbeat.
-we used bandage scissors to slice up the food.
-i thought we would lack drinks, guess we had more than enough.
-tonton arrived with peanuts.
-jhunlee, yves, bryan, edmarrk, baron, jhumar started arriving by 10pm.
-baron arrived with vodka, it was everyone's first.
-they tipped over the tequila, what a waste.
-the salt was gone, but the calamansi was there.
-stupid female cr was closed. males cr wasn't. *wink
-fell way too many times on the sand.
-both cr's were closed. yikes!
-i kept snapping my fingers and cried.
-i kept looking for lao2 only to "hate" him.
-i acted as a relationship expert to the boys. a little one on one talk never hurts nobody. i guess, the crying part is freaky.
-i woke up to the song of Flyleaf. the volume was way too loud and val did that on purpose. ahaha


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