from 8 to 15 + cobra

Oh wow just when I was about to wrap my notebooks up, my classmates were flooding me with the news that classes/ duties have been moved to the 15th.

Didn't quite believe at first, until it really started pouring in. REALLY. It's hard to believe, I mean come on, I go to CDU, and my school doesn't even know the meaning of the word holiday.

I guess it's official. Well it's not official if I'm only guessing it. ahaha.
It's official.


I'm listening to Cobra Starship songs right now, and they are currently my favorite toy.. i mean band. Plus, it helps that their lead vocals, Gabe Saporta is an eye candy.


A still from their soon-to-be released video, Good Girls Go Bad feat. Leighton Meester. And Meester's voice was woah! and I liked it. Can't wait for the video.

I'm loving his geeky white rimmed glasses. I have one in black.


2 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

triciaaaa said...

yeah! cobra is freakin' good.
Gabe is uber hot. lol. :D

i'm excited for the vid too and leelee [leighton] could really rock out. :)

have you listened to all of their songs??


chingching said...

@tricia: Gabe is sooo hot. *giggle

u have to let me know when the vid is out, i'm excited now. ahaha

i only have some of the songs that Kat gave me. i have to DL their album..ahaha

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