find a moment

I found a moment to catch myself on video for the fun of it. And Kris Allen winning the American Idol was definitely it. YouTube has been awful to me for months now, so facebook you get the honor!

So for the moment, twitter has been dang fun. Maybe because it's a new shiny toy for me and yes it's fun now.. but sooner, no wait! maybe an hour from now, twitter will be a chore. Gaaah. I don't have to think of household chores and then there's those online chores. *shudder*

Ok, so now I have facebook, blogspot, photobucket, twitter, multiply, deviantart and then there's the mcr forum. Phew! Every other account is dead or is dying.

Sorry. (why the heck am i apologizing?..lol)

PS. It's already past an hour. And twitter is still fun! weeee.


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