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I woke up crying today.

This doesn't always happen you know. It just happened and it paired with another of those heart breaking dreams I usually have when I sleep with a full stomach but last night, I knew for the fact that my tummy was barely full.

I want to blog the dream all down but since it was confusing coz it would continuously flash into different scenarios, I'd rather not. The main point of the story: rejection from the one you love, then laughing it all away.

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Off to school today to pay for my enrollment fees but is yet to be enrolled.


Last night was another of those French movies that Star Movies always show on Friday night. I remembered Angel-a, and then there was Ne le dis à personne (Tell No One) and last night was La boîte noire (The Black Box). The first two movies were heart-wrenchingly good with a little side dish of movie awards at the same time. The third one wasn't quite as captivating, it was more on the road of confusing.

I enjoyed watching the French films, they have something extra juicy to their way of direction and story-telling. Subtitles are really good exercise for the eyes. But honestly, I just want to hear them speak French, its too sultry and sexy for my ears to ignore.

I can't wait for next Friday.


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