rockstar is 32.

It's Gerard not Gerald you arsehole, and it's his birthday! 32 kisses from me!

Gerard Way /jer-rard way/= He is a God. Frontman of the exceptional My Chemical Romance. He has the voice of an angel. Black hair that would shame the midnight sky and beautiful eyes that you could fall into, lips so tender you would want to vanish inside his kiss. Like a pill of sweetness, once you taste him you're addicted.

Source: urbandictionary.com

They say infatuation lasts for only 4 months. If it exceeds more than the expected time frame, then it's LOVE. What a fine way to describe what i feel for this awesome, talented, supaahhh fine musician and artist. No one else will ever take his place, no one else can ever compare to him nor even exceed his success. Rockstar? Yes, he friggin is!
I'm eating fruit salad paired with a melon juice for me to feast on his birthday. How cool is it that Gee's bday is also on a Holy Thursday. so luckily I got to munch on the salad without anyone having to ask me what the occassion is for. LOL

"Let thy words spill from an abundant prosperous lips that echoes into the east, and Gerard is my sun. " (pardon for being so Shakesperean, I had just watched Romeo + Juliet.. oh the tragedy!)

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