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You can now call me an ecstatic COLLEGE SENIOR. I have officially passed with an extreme sense of gratitude and relief from all the stressing, sleep-depriving, long aching search for our c.i's during the semesters of being a junior.

Pffffffttt!!! junior? puh-lease that seems so 6 hours ago. It is, because it was 6 hours that I learned my fate of being a senior. Can i be anymore redundant now?

Let me just recall my being a "junior":
-class president for 2nd sem
-SBO 3rd year rep
-Garland Committee and After Party
-nights of extreme note-taking
-nights of scanning of my notes to be emailed
-stage play during our World Lit
-my first Psych Experience at Banag-laum
-meeting jb
-awesome Christmas Party
-my 1st time to go to the Ms. Valentines Pageant
-case studies (2) done
-overnighting at Julien's or at Rhea's or at Steffi's
-night outs with tep, ev, riia and jer
...and numerous other moments that my simple noggin just can't recall right now...XD

I wonder how others are doing? Whether they passed or what. I've only heard from emma and julien. I really do hope my posse is still intact. I wouldn't know what to do without them. I miss you guys. I can't wait to see you guys after 2 months.

On the side note:
jer just called me from New York to say that he had a picture with Miranda Kerr Victoria's Secret Angel. I guess this was the promotion gig Miranda was doing that jer had mentioned. The happy thing was, he called me first. It's nice to know i was on someone's mind first.


This week is Holy Week for us here in the Philippines. I'm trying to root it in me to pray the rosary and read the Bible everyday. Reflect.

Definitely reflect. XD
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