gown hunting + secrets + desolation row

To be out and about on a Saturday night with friends, while screaming the songs loud enough to make people glance around to see where the ruckuss came from is exhilarating.

Rhea, Steffi and I went out after the Garland meeting to look for dresses for that awaited night. First stop was at Wendell's boutique. I was trying some on when this really wild pink corset caught my eye. Its pattern followed that of japanese kimonos so I tried it on. Rhea had one made and it cost P6,500. The rental would cost 2thou. Sadly the skirt that went with it didn't fit me at all plus it was too pink for my taste. Our next stop was at Dexter Alazas, I found this a white one but i think the trailer is too much of a hassle for me. I told the seamstress that I might just text her to confirm if I really want it.

I slept over at Rhea's last night together with jer, steffi and eva. But before that, i hold in my head an amazing secret that i would love to blog down but i won't but i will blog later in the future. It was jawdropping. Those juicy news are definitely gossip. I was shocked to hear that jer shared to us that really vital information. We gave out some revelations that night. Everyone put their heads and hearts right on and shared to us a really nostalgic part of their lives.

That's what happens when you share a secret with someone. Trust envelops within them and they bond even more. The fear of someone ratting it all out is also a possibility but still... the walls have ears. We were near TOPS when we 'revealed'. After that we went to Mango to meet up with Eva and tasted some chemistry set drinks. It was colorful and it didn't even get me tipsy but they think I have but I actually haven't.

We went to Rhea's after and watched the following: (i'll keep the review super short)


this made me fall asleep, i am immune to the screaming-girls-and-zombies-coming-to-get-you-in-any-minute movie.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Pictures, Images and Photos

Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows
:)) fun!

Angus, thongs and perfect snogging Pictures, Images and Photos

and Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.
this made me remember my puberty days. i learned a lot plus the guys are sex gods!


My Chemical Romance's Desolation Row video for the Watchmen Movie Soundtrack is simply simple. I guess I was expecting too dang much 'coz they've been hibernating for so long and I was afraid they weren't gonna WOW! us, mcr fans, like they usually do. Amazingly, the simplicity was enough for me. I loved every bit about it. It was the creme dela creme.


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Anonymous said...

i love quarentine! haha i watched it with my boy and he says i had my whole face covering with his jacket all the time! haah sure thrill!

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