an infatuation.

i slept over at julien's last night. she was so much fun and her house is simply elegant. We pranked call her boyfriend with a three-way phone call. Her cousin is the sweetest little thing, Samsam. We watched movies like Bedtime Stories, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Boogeyman3. We ate like crazy and played with her bro's PSP like a madman. I made her listen to my woes of a glint of love affair that i never even have.

julien, chill, me and jaky

as for the title of this post:

JB = my infatuation.
=my heart hurts when i see him talking to everyone else except me.
=i go berserk the whole time and i talk non-stop about him.
=i barely even know this guy and look at me i'm hooked like crazy.
=this is definitely an infatuation. i actually feel sorry for jaky and steffi coz i make them listen to me and im pretty sure their ears are gonna bleed for another round if i talk for another more hour.
=now gladys, julien and emma knows about this catastrophe. i was shocked that they're very supportive with this whole shinanigan of mine.
=i'm pissed off that maian and chill keeps hovering around him. Can't they learn to share? I'm never gonna be able to offer my friendship if they keep hogging him for their own selfish interests. Poor guy.

Moments with JB:
-at jaky's dorm. we were watcing House Bunny then he placed his head on my right shoulder. It was a romantic comedy plus he was dead tired so I let his head stay there for a full 3 minutes.
-talking with him
-walking with him
-riding the same jeepney with him
-sharing chocolate with him
-me sitting on his lap the whole ride we went to school.
-both of us realizing that we were neighbors.
-the laughs we share, the smiles and the lot.