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has it been a week already since the start of classes? yeah, it has.

since being class president/garland commitee member/SBO officer is not taking a toll one me, i've learned to juggle all three thanks to the good 'ol POST IT NOTES. i dislike putting all my urgent stuff on the lappy so i placed it there instead and i often paste it to my ID or cellphone. i have this short term memory problem sometimes, it's nothing serious really.

so i 'post-it'-ed myself today to blog. here's what's up:

-i have facebook now. so fuuunn!!

-the RLE demos are so tiring. i'm sick of getting powder on my gray skirt from the latex gloves i keep wearing over and over again. i keep losing my ballpens everytime also. uurggh.

-eva and i had an exchange of books today. i lent her my coelho while i borrowed her mitch albom. yey to reading!

-the Garland preparations are setting up deadlines now. i have no gown and no money for it yet. i might be too busy helping out that i might not be able to find a gown on time. gosh!

-one of my friends lost her tuition fee money. so an INVESTIGATION was conducted. no one was allowed to go out of the room until the individual search was clear. i was clear. i really do wish the culprit would get caught. the $4oo won't just come out by itself u know. go investigation team!

-did i mention today marks the start of MIDTERMS.

-oh last night was the biggest and shiniest moon of 2009.

-LOL the icon! haya!!! karate by kirsten stewart "bella" and robert pattinson "edward"

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