Jacky's 20teen + Sky Walk Experience + Sleep Over

Another night to remember to be logged in on my super duper blog. I'm feeling perky yet woozy coz i just got home from steffi's house. To recap what a wonderful night and DAY we had, let's have some drum roll.

-Jacky's 20 in class

Vince (her bf) and I was synergyzing to execute a romantic move for jacky. I like to be in in on this coz i like things that involve temporary secrecy and surprises. I was incharge of the bouquet while vince had the roses and gift. We instructed the boys in class to get a rose and give it to jacky in class (so everyone will see the hard work we put in on it) after the quiz. I like to think we did awesome coz people were screaming like crazy when people started singing happy birthday and the roses, bouquet and panda were given.

Everything was sweet to the core that I almost forget to capture the moment. Nicole kinda cried a bit from the scene, she missed Nikoli. I too wish that a guy would go all out like that for me. I wonder how Vince is gonna execute another one during Valentine's?

-Jacky's 20 at Cafe Laguna

Jacky's the kind of girl who shares her blessings with everyone and so she did, at Cafe Laguna. This was so much fun, kinda dreary at first but it all pulled through. Intermission numbers were the done at moment's sake. It was so much fun when we had a modified Trip to Jerusalem game..ahaha. The Section I's also had a mini happy birthday banner when they came in the room and a crown for jacky too! It was so sweet.

-Sky Walk Experience

This was at Crown Regency Hotel. I was invited by Rhea to come with her and the gang to a sky adventure like never before(well, other than the helicopter ride of last month though). We went to this after jacky's party so we were psyched to go. I kept saying to myslef that "I am so stoked and ready for anything!". We arrived and immediately we were in our 'ki-at' ways. We wore the jumpsuit and kinda grossily wore a shoe that i swear was sweaty before i wore it (gggaaahhh!!!).

Our instructor was Kuya Mic-MIc and Kuya Paul. They gave us the do's and dont's. and we were off... The weather outside was perfect!!!!! It was very VERY windy which kinda adds to the excitement we had. When i stepped on the paltform it was very exhilerating. The darkened city brightened with city lights was breathless and i was really grateful that Rhea invited me. There was no streak of fear in my eye but it was not so in my muscles. I went rigid when they told us to sit on the edge. I know I won't fall but there's always that possibility that a gust of wind might come at anytime to push me over...goodness no! Kristian and Beng were scared to their wits. I was enjoying myself let every single cell of my body to appreciate the moment.

The after experience was crazy as well. We couldn't stop talking about it, we went off to the patio and took more shots.

-Sleep Over at Steffi's

my first time at her house and whoa! was it maze like-y.

we had so much fun watching Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Moymoy Palaboy, eating and more videos..weeee

rhea: slept 1st (she got knocked out in a snap)
kristian: the server (wink wink, Mujito girl)
steffi: the girl who won't give me the cam...xP
eva: laughs like crazy and drank the last drop of Mujito's
lucille: ms. cries-a-lot ("jer, julien tabangi ko ninyo, ambi nako friends ta. C rhea ug steffi dili i-delete ang video..huhu")

let's do thia again guys!! mwah! til next time let's ride on the edge coaster.



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