why so interested?

why so interested in my diet?

my groupmates kinda have this nagging questions on their head that they so eagerly want to ask me, and being a lady and all, i kindly answer them back. but it's awkward when they want to ask and then make it the topic of conversation.

did anyone ever second thought that diet has the word DIE in it? *shudders*
i don't do any of those unreliable fad diets even if some people swear by it.
i don't eat lunch often coz my mom prepares me any home made cooking she has packed for me. everyone else thinks that i don't eat rice. i eat rice and i love it. it's the Filipino's staple food after all right? they just think that i don't like rice maybe coz they never see me eat rice. tsk tsk.

i struggle with food and my weight like everyone else. whenever there's a lovely line up of food, i buy with my eyes and rarely with my nose. 'whatever looks good to eat' were the words i lived by during snack time. my diet is of course a BALANCED DIET. they key is "everything in moderation" lol. instead of reaching out for a chocolate bar whenever i get my sugary sweet rush in me, i just reach out for the sweet fruits like grapes, strawberries, etc. i've changed my eating habits now, i eat only the good stuff meaning no more pancit cantons, sardines, junk foods, sodas, donuts, french fries.
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UNLESS if it's a Saturday then i can eat whatever i want on that day only anyway.

i could publish this in a health magazine for fun if i want to. and oh, the next time they're bored my diet is not to be the topic of conversation.


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