ghost stories

uughh, hot hot hot!

the kids could have almost smacked themselves on the boiling pan of hot wax if it weren't for my keen sense of protecting children from danger. i was prone to danger myself when i was a kid resulting to loads of bumps in the head (a lot of bumps!). and on to my story, our group was focusing on Candle Making and Shirt Dying. i helped out here and there but the smoke was getting to my eyes and nose most of the time so i just sat out some parts of the activity. smoke inhalation could lead to some serious mental problems tya know.

oh so jacky was getting dizzy herself and started to shiver and to think it was hot out. i've always noticed her being sickly a lot, so chill was feeding her her food but refused to have some, she started shaking so bad so we had to send her to the closest hospital- NorthGen.

'Twas raining when we were outside the ER, so we decided to tell ghost stories. they shared, i listened mosta the time coz i never really had any encounter with the spirit world. i don't even let it cross my mind. i'm a scaredy-cat and getting me at the edge of my seat is not a sight to see.
i've seen a show on NatGeo about ghosts- whether if it's true or not. they have pretty convincing points and the crazy ridiculous spiritual attempts. it's a LOL-erz.

i know halloween was weeks ago but what the heck, ghost stories can happen any time of the year. oh and jacky was still in the ER when we had left for home.


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