a twilight review

so things didn't actually go down in the dumps as i thought it would be.
Ana and Kristian instead took the two tickets in place of Nicole and Jessa.

The whole gang consisted of Eva, Steffi, Rhea, Cathy, Ana, Kristian and I. they were a blast to be with, and the theater was jam packed with different kinds of people: the young, the not-so-old, the tweens, the cliques, the couples, it's everything under the sun.

We got our reserved tickets and off we went on the darkly lit, neon-illumintaed stairs, we located our seats, tried as much not to scream from excitement and tried not to seat at the edge of our seats as not to fall from it.

Let the movie roll!

My review:

Directed by Catherine Hardwick

First, it was not a disappointment (well, at least not to me). Secondly, everything was in sync: the lights, the cinematography, the characters, the plot, the music, well u get the gist. Everything and everyone in it was very significantly done. My euphoria is irrevocable and the love story was intact. I can't help but smile from ear to ear most of the times (except for the parts that did not require any smiling). It was a cliffhanger maybe because Summit Entertainment knew that it's gonna be such a hit they had to prepare themselves for another production in months to come. I'm no rebiew guru but their electric chemistry is great. And Robert Pattinson makes the perfect 'Edward Cullen'.

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i'm off to DL their original soundtrack now.
be safe.


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